95th National Boxing Championship set to thrill with Olympic dreams


COLOMBO, Jan 13, 8.15AM – In pursuit of slots for the 2024 Paris Olympics and the formation of a national pool, the 95th National Boxing Championship, organized by the Boxing Association of Sri Lanka, commenced today at the Royal College MAS Arena. The championship is set to run until January 17.

Open to players between the ages of 19 and 40 for both genders, the competition will feature winners from the Amateur, Intermediate, Stubbs Shield, and National Junior Championship categories. Only these victors will earn the right to participate in the five-day event, which is expected to draw around 150 boxers from 20 sports clubs.

The men’s competition  conducted across 13 weight classes, while the women’s division will see action in 12 weight categories. Each bout will consist of three rounds, lasting one minute each, with a one-minute break between rounds.

This year’s championship promises heightened competition, and last year’s national champions, Umayanga Mihiran and Sri Lanka Air Force’s Nishadi Malshani, are preparing for tough battles. The finals of every weight category will commenced on the final day January 17 from 2PM onwards.

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