Army and Air Force boxers triumph at 96th Nationals

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Colombo, Jan 19, 5.35PM – The 96th National Boxing Championships held at the Royal MAS Arena in Colombo witnessed a dazzling display of talent as Army men and Air Force women boxers took center stage. Organized by the Boxing Association of Sri Lanka (BASL), the event saw over 160 men and women boxers from 22 clubs vying for glory in 135 bouts spread across five intense days from January 13 to 17.

This edition of the Nationals held special significance as it served as a crucial selection trial by BASL for the National pool and the choice of representatives for Olympic qualifying and other international competitions. The finals were graced by the presence of General Kamal Gunaratne (retd), the Secretary to the Ministry of Defence and the State Ministry of National Security and Disaster Management, as the esteemed Chief Guest and BASL President Dian Gomes as the Guest of Honour.

Best Boxer Men
Best Boxer Chamil Pathmasiri of Sri Lanka Army receives his trophy from Chief Guest General (retd) Kamal Gunaratne, Secretary of Ministry of Defence.

Dian Gomes, BASL President, made a significant announcement during the event, declaring this as his final National Championship at the helm of Sri Lanka Boxing. He expressed pride in the progress made under his leadership, highlighting the honor of having the country’s Defence Secretary as Chief Guest for the first time. Gomes commended the multitude of Referees and Judges at the International level hailing from Sri Lanka and confidently passed the leadership baton to a young team led by Wasantha Kumara, expressing optimism for Sri Lanka’s future in boxing.

Gomes emphasized the growth of boxing in Sri Lanka and credited the contributions of International Technical Officials, including Wasantha Kumara and Lt. Col Hemantha Weerasinghe (rtd), in ensuring the smooth conduct of the championship.

The BASL President acknowledged the resurgence of boxing in schools such as Ananda, Nalanda, Trinity, and S. Thomas’ College, underscoring the importance of talent from various regions. He urged the Armed Forces and Police to continue their support and investment in boxing.

In the Men’s competition, the Army dominated the 96th National Boxing Championships, clinching major awards and reaffirming their dominance in the sport. KG Chamil Pathmasiri, who secured victory in the Middleweight final, was honored as the Best Boxer of the meet. The Army team, with an outstanding performance, bagged nine gold medals out of 13 weight classes and retained the Muttiah Xavier Memorial Challenge Cup for the Most Successful Men’s Club of 2023.

In the Women’s competition, the Air Force continued their supremacy, securing the Neiva Embuldeniya Challenge Trophy. Ishara Thushari Perera of the Air Force, victorious in the Featherweight category, was named the Best Boxer.

Best Boxer Women 1
Thushari Perera of Air Force receives her Best Boxer Award from General (retd) Kamal Gunaratne, the Secretary of Ministry of Defence. BASL President Dian Gomes looks on.

The championships featured remarkable individual performances, including the impressive comeback of 21-year-old Umayanga Mihiran from Police BC. Despite being the runner-up at the Layton Cup Tournament, Mihiran reclaimed the Flyweight title and was honored as the Most Outstanding Boxer of the year 2023. His resilience and achievements on the international stage make him a promising talent for Sri Lanka’s boxing future.

Outstanding Boxers of the year 1
Most Outstanding Boxer of the Year Umayanga Mihiran of Sri Lanka Police SC receives his award from the chief guest General Kamal Guanratne, Defence Secretary

The Army received the Sgt. Selladorai Memorial Challenge Cup for Champion Team, securing nine gold and three silver medals. The Air Force dominated the Women’s category, followed by Army BC and Police.

In an intense Lightweight final, Army’s M.G.M.Tarindu Dasunika received the Best Loser’s award, showing the spirit and determination that defines the sport. The 96th National Boxing Championships not only celebrated the triumphs of individual fighters but also showcased the collective excellence of Army and Air Force pugilists on the national stage.

Sri Lanka Army Boxing Team
Sri Lanka Army Boxing Team
Air Force Womens Boxing Team
Sri Lanka Air Force Women’s Boxing Team

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Boxing Results: List of Winners

Men’s Division

Minimum Weight (46-48kg):

  • Gold: HMLP Jayawardana (SL Army)
  • Silver: DH Tisaraarachchi (B2F)

Fly Weight (48-51kg):

  • Gold: GKUP Mihiran (SLP)
  • Silver: KASK Abeygunardana (SLA)

Bantam Weight (51-54kg):

  • Gold: RMP Dharmasena (SL Army)
  • Silver: HI Chamara (SL Army Red)

Featherweight (54-57kg):

  • Gold: PAR Prasanna (SL Army)
  • Silver: BRL Sadaruwan Kumara (SL Army Red)

Lightweight (57-60kg):

  • Gold: RMPKK Rashnayaka (SL Army)
  • Silver: WRT Weerakkodi (SL Army Red)

Light Welter Weight (63.5kg):

  • Gold: PPS Siriwardana (SL Army Blue)
  • Silver: NH Thilakarathna (SL Navy Dreadnaught)

Welter Weight (63.5-67kg):

  • Gold: PSPS Fernando (SL Army)
  • Silver: AMTS Adikari (SL Navy)

Light Middle Weight (67-71kg):

  • Gold: PMLL Chandrabandara (SL Army)
  • Silver: IPDC Udeyakumara (SL Air Force)

Middle Weight (71-75kg):

  • Gold: KG Pathmasiri (SL Army)
  • Silver: WMGKGI Ariyaratne (SL Navy)

Light Heavyweight (75-80kg):

  • Gold: HWGP Rathnasiri (SL Police)
  • Silver: WAMP Wariyapperuma (SL Army)

Cruiser Weight (80-86kg):

  • Gold: YSP Sudamma (SL Army)
  • Silver: GWC de Silva (SL Air Force)

Heavy Weight (86-92kg):

  • Gold: KMCK Karunanayaka (SL Navy)
  • Silver: AL Amarasinghe (SL Army)

Super Heavy Weight (92+kg):

  • Gold: UA Avishka (SL Army)
  • Silver: MWMM Meegasthenna (SL Air Force)

Women’s Division

Minimumweight (45-48kg)

  • Gold: HKNN Perera (SLAW)
  • Silver: SDD Silver (SLARW)
  • Bronze: KMMJ Konara (SLNW)
  • Bronze: KMK Muthuni (ALOYW)

Lightflyweight (48-50kg)

  • Gold: RAN Pushpakumari (VSCW)
  • Silver: AMDK Aththanayaka (SLPW)
  • Bronze: BA Nethmini (SLAW)
  • Bronze: JD Nethukalani (HRBCW)

Lightflyweight (50-52kg)

  • Gold: PM Vidanagamage (SLPW)
  • Silver: RDEH Chandrasena (SLARW)
  • Bronze: EMKH Ekanayaka (SLAFW)
  • Bronze: RMSS Rathnayaka (SLNW)

Bantamweight (52-54kg)

  • Gold: LIN Malshani (SLAFW)
  • Silver: KL Sandarekha (SLAW)
  • Bronze: PMA Gunathilaka (SLPW)
  • Bronze: RMYDB Menike (SLNW)

Featherweight (54-57kg)

  • Gold: KKIT Perera (SLAFW)
  • Silver: MDP Manathunga (SLARW)
  • Bronze: GWGC Tharuka (SLPW)

Lightweight (57-60kg)

  • Gold: MPSS Coorey (SLAFW)
  • Silver: MGMT Dasunika (SLAW)
  • Bronze: LRS Sasangi (SLNW)

Lightwelterweight (60-63kg)

  • Gold: MKMHS Kalhari (EMBI)
  • Silver: PAHC Pashyala (SLAFW)

Welterweight (63-66kg)

  • Gold: WWAK Thiwanka (SLAFW)
  • Silver: KAP Kaushalya (HRBCW)

Lightmiddleweight (66-70kg)

  • Gold: YGAM Amarathunga (SLAW)
  • Silver: KPAK Deepawansha (HRBCW)

Middleweight (70-75kg)

  • Gold: KAGN Kaluarachchi (SLAFW)
  • Silver: DHRE Perera (SLFKW)
  • Bronze: BS Heshani (VSCW)
  • Bronze: Anita Ruth Papalie (STJW)

Lightheavyweight (75-81kg)

  • Gold: WGKA Nalani (DINUW)
  • Silver: RAY Purnima (GCSW)
  • Bronze: HMHP Jayakody (SLNW)

Heavyweight (81kg+)

  • Gold: Vidhushika Prabadi (B2FW)
  • Silver: DGAM Jayasundara (GCSW)



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