Boxing course in Patiala India

Boxing course in Patyana India

A course in the Patiala in India, for the Sri Lankan boxing coaches, and 13 coaches were selected after an interviews conducted by Sri Lanka Boxing Association, to to take part in the course.

Patiala is known for high standard boxing courses for coaches. Earlier Sri Lanka Boxing Assocation has sent 25 boxers and 10 coaches for a training five months ago.

This training specializes for coaches only, the course comprised seven-day theory and seven day practical workshops

“We hope to get the new knowledge and use them in Commonwealth and Olympics. In Sri Lanka, we are having only tournaments, but this year, we will have a tournament in Malaysia in December this year, Sri Lanka Boxing Association hope to send a team for that international tournament,” said General Secretary of Sri Lanka Schools Boxing Association Jamitha Gayan.

We, 11 members hope to get the international experience, since we don’t have facilities in Sri Lanka, we have been doing the sport in meagre facilities in Sri Lanka. We have only a two-three Indoor facilities. For Boxing, we have only two venues, Royal MAS Arena and Sugathadasa Boxing Ring. But in India, they have centers in each state, I think India is the best place to learn it. It’s going with Sri Lanka Boxing Culture.

Starting in way back Sri Lanka and India were in same level of standard in the sport, but currently India are placed top three positions in the Women’s Boxing Rankings, they have dominated the Women’s Boxing in the world in number 1 ranking.

India has a cordial partnership with Sri Lanka, they share every knowledge they have, to the Sri Lanka federation.

The team:



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