Certis Lanka Backs Chanaka Perera’s Golfing Dreams

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COLOMBO, Saturday: In the heart of Colombo, amidst the hustle and bustle, Chanaka Perera, Sri Lanka’s golf sensation, is quietly preparing to represent his nation at the prestigious 122nd Amateur Championship of India from December 4 to 17. A man whose journey has been shaped not only by his dedication to the sport but also by the unwavering support of his employer, Certis Lanka, where he has diligently served for the past seven years.

At 29, Chanaka Perera has become a household name in Sri Lankan golf circles. A proud alumnus of DS Senanayake College, Perera’s golfing prowess has flourished under the watchful eye of Certis Lanka, his guardian in both the corporate world and the world of golf. In a heartfelt expression of gratitude, he acknowledges the late Certis Lanka founder Chairman, Sanka Wijesinghe, who paved the way for his employment in 2015.

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Teeing Off in Style: Sri Lanka’s Golf Sensation Heads to the 122nd Amateur Championship

“Before winning my amateur national title in 2019, the late Sanka Wijesinghe offered me a job at Certis Lanka. Today, I owe my entire golfing journey to the Wijesinghe family, who continue to support me wholeheartedly,” says Perera, his emotions evident.

Under the leadership of Chairman Asanthi Wijesinghe and with Jeewaka Wijesinghe, Minoli Wijesinghe, and Dinuk de Silva Wijeyeratne at the helm, Certis Lanka has been more than an employer for Perera; it’s been a pillar of strength. “If they hadn’t given me the opportunity, I wouldn’t be playing golf right now,” he adds.

Perera, playing for Royal Colombo Golf Club,  currently a Senior Sales Executive at Certis Lanka, highlights the pivotal role his employer has played in providing him the freedom to focus on his sport. His golfing equipment, including a set worth over Rs 1 million, has been generously sponsored by Certis Lanka, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder his pursuit of excellence.

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Certis Lanka’s Ace: Chanaka Perera Prepares to Conquer the Royal Calcutta Golf Club

Ranked 599th in the world, Chanaka Perera proudly holds the title of Sri Lanka’s top-ranked golfer. Earlier this year, he represented Sri Lanka at the Royal Melbourne Golf Tournament in Australia, a testament to his growing international recognition. Perera will take part in the tour with number two ranked emerging star Reshan Algama, and expresses gratitude to those who have assisted him both locally and overseas.

Chanaka, a dedicated golfer affiliated with the Royal Colombo Golf Club, the home base of Sri Lanka Golf, the nation’s governing body for the sport, expresses gratitude for the unparalleled support he has received throughout his golfing journey. He extends his thanks to all members of Sri Lanka Golf and the Royal Colombo Golf Club.

Chanaka fondly recalls the incredible support he has received from both near and far. Individuals like Maneth Jayasinghe, Jason Liyanage, Nick Perera, Tony Pathirana, Priyantha Athukorale, Nalaka Fernando, Mohan Liyanage, Sean Ekanayake, Haren Udeshi and others have been instrumental in his journey. These generous souls, not only from Sri Lanka but also from overseas, have played a crucial role in providing Chanaka with the essential requirements for his career advancement. Their assistance, coupled with the backing of his primary sponsor, Certis Lanka, has been invaluable in shaping Chanaka’s success on the golf course.

Reflecting on the forthcoming All India 122nd Amateur Golf Tournament, Chanaka Perera recognizes the challenge of being a professional golfer, particularly in terms of the substantial financial investment required for tours. Undeterred, he aspires to turn professional in the coming years, driven by his passion for the sport.

As Chanaka Perera steps onto the tee in Kolkata, he’s not just playing for himself; he carries the hopes of an entire nation. The unwavering support from his long-time backers at the Royal Colombo Golf Club, his dedicated practice venue, along with the encouragement from Sri Lanka Golf and officials, adds an extra layer of motivation. Additionally, Certis Lanka, more than just a workplace for Chanaka, has been a driving force behind his remarkable journey to golfing glory. With such a strong network of support, Perera faces the challenges ahead with gratitude and determination, ready to make his mark on the course.

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From the Office to the Fairway: Chanaka Perera, Sri Lanka’s Golf Prodigy
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