Charles Condrade smashes records as first South Asian FIVB dual instructor

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COLOMBO, Dec 21: In a groundbreaking achievement, Charles Condrade, the Women’s Volleyball Coach of Sri Lanka, has made history by becoming the first South Asian Volleyball Coach to receive the esteemed FIVB Instructor title for both indoor volleyball and beach volleyball. The Sri Lanka Volleyball Federation announced this significant milestone yesterday.

This recognition means that Condrade will now play a vital role as a development officer for world volleyball, focusing on coaching and sports development directly associated with FIVB (Federation Internationale de Volleyball).

As the sole FIVB instructor for Sri Lanka, Condrade now holds a prominent position with direct links to the world governing body, enabling him to contribute to volleyball development programs in the country. This accomplishment is particularly noteworthy since, until now, there was only one FIVB instructor in Sri Lanka back in 1996—M Wijayapala—who exclusively focused on indoor volleyball. Charles Condrade’s recognition is unique as he holds the title for both indoor volleyball and beach volleyball.

Charles Condrade, a level III coach, the highest level in volleyball coaching, holds a diploma in volleyball coaching from the Hungarian University of Physical Education. His coaching journey spans three decades, starting in 1992.

In 2017, Condrade etched his name in history by guiding the Sri Lankan national men’s team to win a silver medal at the South Asian Games held in India, triumphing over Pakistan. Since then, he has been serving as the national women’s coach.

Reflecting on his achievement, Condrade, a graduate of Dhammissara National School Nattandiya in 1991, expressed his joy and gratitude. “I am really happy to achieve this milestone. I realized after schooling that my calling was in coaching rather than playing,” said Condrade, known for his significant contributions despite his shorter stature.

Condrade extended his thanks to FIVB, the Sri Lanka Volleyball Federation, present and past officials, parents, and everyone who supported him on his journey to reaching this remarkable level in his coaching career.

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