Lyceum Gampaha swimmers top Junior Nationals

Lyceum Gampaha Junior Swimming Team 1

Colombo, Jan 1, Mon – In a thrilling competition at the Sri Lanka Short Course National Swimming Championship, Lyceum International School Gampaha celebrated their maiden Junior National Championship title. The event, which concluded on Saturday at the Hillwood College Swimming Pool in Kandy, witnessed Lyceum Gampaha outshine tough competitors, including this year’s Inter-International School winner Lyceum Wattala.

Under the guidance of Coach Shehan Dias, the Lyceum Gampaha junior girls’ team showcased exceptional prowess, securing the top spot among 19 competing teams in the junior category. Their remarkable performance saw them accumulate an impressive 218 points, leaving Anula Vidyalaya in second place with 107 points and Killer Whale Aquatics in third with 106 points.

This victory is especially significant as it marks the first time Lyceum Gampaha has claimed the Junior National Championship, underscoring their outstanding efforts on the national stage. The team’s success positioned them ahead of host Hillwood College in fourth place, the Maldives Swimming Association Team in fifth, and Mahamaya Girls College in sixth.

Notably, star swimmer Shenushi Vihanga showcased her exceptional skills, securing the runner-up position in the Best Junior Swimmer category with 23 points. Vandani Fernando of Killer Whale Aquatics clinched the title with 25 points, demonstrating the high level of competition.

Lyceum Gampaha’s star swimmer, Shenushi Vihanga, showcased her exceptional skills by securing four gold medals and a silver in the girls Under-15 division. This outstanding performance earned her the title of the runner-up Junior National Champion. Vihanga’s gold medals were in the 200m backstroke, 200m butterfly, 400m IM, and 200m IM, while she clinched the silver in the 100m IM event.

Pavani Galagedara, specializing in breaststroke, made a remarkable impact by winning two gold medals in the 100m breaststroke and 200m breaststroke categories. Additionally, she secured a silver medal in the 50m breaststroke and reached the finals in the 100m IM.

Yunaya Perera, the freestyle star of the team, claimed three bronze medals in the Girls Under-15 category for the 50m freestyle, 200m freestyle, and 400m freestyle events. She also achieved a fourth place finish in the 100m freestyle and a fifth place finish in the 800m freestyle.

Kithumi Disara added to Lyceum Gampaha’s success by winning a silver medal in the 200m IM, along with two bronze medals in the 200m IM and 400m IM categories. Additionally, she secured a fifth place finish in the 100m backstroke and a sixth place finish in the 100m IM. The team’s overall performance highlighted their individual excellence and collective strength in the competition.

Lyceum Gampaha’s triumph in the Junior National Championship not only reflects the individual excellence of their swimmers but also underscores the effective coaching by Shehan Dias and the collective effort of the entire team. Their victory stands as a memorable achievement in this year’s Short Course National Swimming Championship.

Lyceum Gampaha Junior Swimming Team 1
Lyceum International School Gampaha girls junior swimming team (from left): Kithumi Nandasoma
Pavani Galagedara, Shenushi Vihanga, Yunaya Perera.
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