Ravindu Laksiri eyes victory in Sunil Verma Trophy

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Top Sri Lankan squash players, Ravindu Laksiri and Nevindu Lakman, left island to participate in the 9th Sunil Verma Memorial Trophy in Thane, India, scheduled from December 19 to 23. Both athletes are ranked among the top three squash players in the country.

The tournament, hosting 24 players, is a PSA  Challenger Tournament, with a prize fund of USD 3,000 for participants. Ravindu Laksiri, Sri Lanka’s leading squash player, is seeded second, while India’s Veer Chotrani claims the top seed. Nevindu Lakman is seeded sixth, and notably, the remaining 22 players are all from India.

Expressing his aspirations, Ravindu Laksiri stated, “I hope to win the title and boost my world rankings through this tournament” before departing for India. His journey is supported by the DS Senanayake College Old Boys’ Union. Likewise, Nevindu Lakman is sponsored by Vidullanka PLC for their first overseas PSA tournament, following their recent participation in the concluded Senior National Squash Championship last Sunday.

Ravindu Laksiri and Nevindu Lakman are set to depart tonight for Mumbai, where they will receive coaching at Ritwik’s Start Academy for a few days leading up to the tournament. This preparation is aimed at fine-tuning their skills and strategies before they compete in the 9th Sunil Verma Memorial Trophy in Thane, India.

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