Shammi Silva’s Hidden Sporting Legacy Revealed

Ten million

COLOMBO, Friday: In a moment of reflection and admiration, Sri Lanka Athletics Secretary Saman Gunawardene shared glimpses of Sri Lanka Cricket President Shammi Silva’s illustrious athletic journey at the 2023 Asian Games medal winners’ special felicitation ceremony held at the SLC Headquarters in Colombo on Friday. The event saw SLC generously offering Rs 28 million for both the medal winners and their coaches.

Gunawardene spoke warmly about Silva’s athletic prowess, stating, “He is the champion in 1977/78 All Island Schools Games, champion of the Discus Throw, Shot Putt, and Javelin Throw, including new meet records in Javelin and Shot Putt. In 1978, he was the All Island School Games Best Athlete before he shifted to cricket.”

Highlighting Silva’s remarkable achievements, Gunawardene acknowledged the president’s significant contributions to the field of athletics. He emphasized Silva’s exceptional skills, evident in his record-breaking performances during his school years.

Saman Gunawardene, who has dedicated three decades to serving Sri Lanka Athletics as a recorder, took a moment to recognize the transformative journey of Shammi Silva. The revelation of Silva’s sporting excellence before transitioning to cricket added a layer of depth to the felicitation ceremony, providing a unique perspective on the man leading Sri Lanka Cricket.

As the ceremony unfolded, Gunawardene’s words echoed the sentiment of honoring not just the present achievements but also celebrating the rich athletic history that shaped the leader steering Sri Lanka’s cricketing destiny. The acknowledgment of Shammi Silva’s past glory served as a poignant reminder of the interconnectedness of sports, transcending boundaries between disciplines and fostering a deep appreciation for the shared spirit of athletic pursuit.

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