Shammi Silva’s Pledge to Boost Athlete Well-being and Olympic Dreams


In a heartwarming ceremony at the Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) headquarters in Colombo on Friday, the SLC President, Shammi Silva, extended a heartfelt message to the 2023 Asian Games medal-winning athletes. The special event saw the SLC offering a total of Rs 28 million in recognition of the athletes’ outstanding achievements.

Shammi Silva, a former All Island Best Athlete during his school days at Nalanda College, expressed genuine surprise at the stature of the athletes who clinched medals at the Asian Games. “When I see these athletes, they are small-made. I am surprised how they won medals,” he remarked. Silva’s admiration for the athletes’ accomplishments was evident as he commended their remarkable achievements on the international stage.

In a touching gesture, Silva went on to extend a helping hand to the athletes, saying, “If you need any help from the nutritious side, please inform us. We are ready to help you.” This commitment to the athletes’ well-being reflects the president’s dedication not only to their success on the field but also to their overall health and development.

Shammi Silva’s connection with athletics doesn’t end there. As a keen follower of the sport, he expressed his intention to support A Ratnayake Central College Walala, the school of Tharushi, one of the accomplished medalists. “To anything that happens to your school, tell us, and we will help you. We can help you to get to Olympic level,” Silva promised.

This pledge showcases Silva’s vision to go beyond the realms of cricket and contribute to the broader landscape of sports in Sri Lanka. As the nation celebrates its athletic triumphs, Shammi Silva emerges not just as the president of Sri Lanka Cricket but as a symbol of support and encouragement for aspiring athletes across the country.

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