SLC President’s Bold Vision Fuels Financial Stability

Sujeewa Godaliyadda

Colombo, Friday:  In a historic celebration at the Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) Headquarters in Colombo on Friday, the spotlight was on more than just cricket as SLC Treasurer Sujeewa Godaliyadda highlighted the transformative vision of SLC President Shammi Silva during the special felicitation ceremony for the 2023 Asian Games athletic medal winners.

Speaking passionately about the remarkable shift in financial fortunes under Silva’s leadership, Godaliyadda expressed, “This generous support for the nation’s athletes is a direct result of SLC President Shammi Silva’s visionary approach. He firmly believes that to excel as a cricketer, one must first embrace the role of a well-rounded athlete.”

Reflecting on the challenging times, Godaliyadda recalled early period of Silva’s tenure as Treasurer in 2016 when SLC struggled to meet even the basic needs of national cricketers. “There was a time when we couldn’t afford to pay salaries or even provide a cup of tea. The board has since evolved into a financially stable institution, an indication to Silva’s steadfast leadership.”

Godaliyadda highlighted Silva’s commitment to equality in sports, saying, “He introduced the idea that SLC should extend its support to other sports in the country, promoting inclusivity. This commitment to social service has resulted in the generous offerings we witness today.”

Acknowledging the economic challenges faced by the country, Godaliyadda contrasted the struggles of various sports with SLC’s success. “While the government, managing 66 sports, faced limitations due to the country’s economic situation, SLC overcame numerous challenges. President Shammi Silva, elected in 2019, navigated the storm and stabilized SLC amid a global crisis and economic challenges specific to Sri Lanka.”

As the focus shifted to the future, Godaliyadda addressed the looming challenge – SLC’s ban by the International Cricket Council (ICC). “Our President is set to leave the country to negotiate the lifting of the ban. We extend our best wishes for his courage and determination, hopeful that Sri Lanka will soon regain its status as a full member of the ICC.”

Expressing gratitude for the financial stability achieved, Godaliyadda credited the collective effort of SLC officials, employees, and the correct decisions made under Silva’s guidance. “Every rupee earned by our cricketers and every prudent decision taken by the SLC team contributed to the economic stability we enjoy today. I extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone who worked tirelessly to stabilize SLC.”

In a closing note, Godaliyadda wished the athletic team success in their pursuit of Olympic dreams, emphasizing the enduring spirit of resilience and determination that characterizes Sri Lanka Cricket’s journey under President Shammi Silva.

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