Sports Minister Roshan Ranasinghe Ousted After Cabinet Grilling


In a historic move, President Ranil Wickremesinghe has handed a letter of removal from office to Minister Roshan Ranasinghe. This action was taken as Minister Ranasinghe did not provide satisfactory answers to two crucial questions posed by the President during the Cabinet Ministers’ meeting.

The President chaired the meeting in Committee Hall 3 of the Parliament Complex and chose this venue to deliver the letter. The meeting was scheduled in the evening at the Parliament Complex to avoid disrupting the Budget time period.

During the meeting, President Wickremesinghe directed two questions to Minister Ranasinghe. Firstly, the President inquired why, with a Cabinet-appointed Sub-Committee already addressing the cricket crisis with the International Cricket Council (ICC), the Sports Minister went to the office of the Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa and engaged with the Indian Cricket Board in India through the Indian High Commissioner’s office.

The second question raised by the President was about the distribution of Mahaweli lands. He questioned why the majority of individuals proposed in the Cabinet paper for land distribution were political friends and relatives of Minister Ranasinghe. The President emphasized the issue of favoritism, noting the importance of ensuring that innocent people in need also have access to land.

As Minister Ranasinghe did not provide satisfactory answers to these questions, the President handed over the removal letter, citing a breach of Cabinet unity. This marks a historic instance where a minister has been removed from office following a Cabinet discussion, according to political sources.

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