Sri Lanka eyes qualification for Paris Paralympics

Para Photo

The Sri Lanka Paralympic Committee has set its sights on the 2024 Paris Paralympics, aiming to assemble a strong team for the upcoming Selection Trial in Dubai, scheduled for February. In an announcement yesterday, the committee revealed their aspirations for the competition.

The Selection Trial, named the Fazza International Para Athletics Championship, will host participation from over 25 countries in the region. This event holds significant importance as it serves as a crucial step in the qualification series for athletes aspiring to participate in the 2024 Paralympic Games in Paris.

Colonel Deepal Herath, Chairman of the Sri Lanka Paralympic Committee, conveyed the committee’s objective, stating, “Our goal for the 2024 Paralympics is to send more than seven athletes who meet the required qualifying standard.”

Highlighting the significance of meeting these qualification criteria, Col. Herath emphasized that without achieving these standards, athletes won’t be eligible to compete in the upcoming Paralympics. The Dubai meet is positioned as a pivotal opportunity for athletes to reach the qualifying standard, with only those surpassing the required mark securing a spot in the Paralympics.

In addition to the Fazza International Para Athletics Championships, the National Paralympic Committee has broader plans. They envision sending athletes to compete in various sports such as shooting, swimming, table tennis, archery, rowing, badminton, and more during the Qualifier Meets scheduled for the early part of the next year, according to Col. Herath’s disclosure.

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