Sri Lanka Junior Open Elevates Opportunities for Young Golfers Worldwide

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Colombo, December 7, 2023 – The Sri Lanka Junior Open stands as a global benchmark for junior golfers, assessing their skills through the World Amateur Golf Rankings (WAGR). Winners of the PRIMA Junior Open Golf Championship 2023 and Regional Junior  Open  2024 tournament not only claim the title of National Junior Champion in both boys and girls categories but also gain valuable recognition on the international stage, said Sri Lanka Golf President Ranil Peiris at Royal Colombo Golf Club on Wednesday.

The WAGR is a worldwide system evaluating golf skills. Recognizing the significance of this system, Sri Lanka Golf President Ranil Peiris expressed enthusiasm about the opportunities it presents. Notably, India lacks a substantial number of WAGR-ranked junior golfers, making this initiative particularly advantageous for young Sri Lankan talents.

Speaking at a press conference held at the Royal Colombo Golf Club on Wednesday, President Ranil Peiris emphasized the broader benefits for young golfers. “It’s crucial for a golfer because it helps them in life, especially if they aspire to play internationally. A good WAGR Ranking opens doors for scholarships or financial assistance, even for specialized training at foreign universities. This tournament offers participants valuable WAGR points,” said President Peiris.

Highlighting the importance of international competitions, President Peiris encouraged such events to take place in Sri Lanka. He explained, “When our children compete internationally, it elevates the standard of our players. Encouraging international competitions here allows our young golfers to understand the competition they need to face on the global stage. Otherwise, they might be confined like ‘frogs in a well.’ We want our players to thrive in the open ocean, and this will attract more players, raising our overall standard.”

Sri Lanka Golf Junior Sub-Committee representative Niloo Jayathilake revealed plans for 2024, including Regional Opens in Kandy and Hambantota, with the possibility of an event at the Air Force Eagles Golf Range near the PRIMA factory in Trincomalee. Jayathilake mentioned, “These regional events could potentially extend to Nuwara Eliya, depending on the weather. These locations are our venue partners for the Regional Junior Opens.”

Acknowledging the support from PRIMA, a longtime sponsor, Jayathilake unveiled a significant change for 2024. The two-day regional event will extend to three days, incorporating golf rankings and points. This change aims to attract foreign players to participate in the regional tournaments, marking a substantial step forward in the development of junior golf in Sri Lanka.

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