Sri Lanka’s premier baseball event nears kickoff

Baseball photo

Colombo,  Dec 28, Thu – Anticipation is building as the 2023 National Baseball Championship, organized by the Sri Lanka Baseball Association, is set to commence on January 6, 2024, at the Japan-Sri Lanka Friendship Baseball Ground in Diyagama. The announcement by the Association has sparked excitement among baseball enthusiasts across the nation.

This year’s championship will showcase the spirited competition of 19 teams, ensuring a lively and thrilling event for fans. The tournament will adopt a knockout format, adding an extra layer of intensity to each game as teams vie for victory.

To accommodate the enthusiastic participation, the games are strategically scheduled over four weekends, with additional matches on selected weekdays. The Sri Lanka Baseball Association aims to conclude the entire tournament within one month, emphasizing a dynamic and efficient competition.

As a prelude to the championship, a press conference is scheduled for January 4, providing an opportunity for the Sri Lanka Baseball Association to share further details and insights into the upcoming tournament. Baseball fans and supporters can eagerly look forward to witnessing the nation’s top teams engage in high competition for glory at the Japan-Sri Lanka Friendship Baseball Ground in Diyagama.

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