The unparalleled success of Ravindu Laksiri

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Ravindu Laksiri has cemented his status as a squash legend in Sri Lanka. Breaking records at the 43rd YETI-sponsored Senior National Squash Championship, Laksiri secured his 11th consecutive Senior National Champion title. Despite this remarkable achievement, his sights are set on the global stage, aiming to play against the world’s top players and elevate his world rankings through competitive international tournaments.

Notably, Laksiri’s achievement surpasses the previous record held by Saman Thilakaratne, who won 13 titles but not consecutively. Reflecting on his success, Laksiri expressed, “It’s a great pleasure. I am pretty happy to become champion in consecutive 11 years from 2013 to 2023.”

The journey to success was not without its challenges. Laksiri’s mental and physical strength, coupled with exceptional skills, played a pivotal role in his consecutive victories. The support of his parents and elder brother proved to be the secret behind his winning streak.

Laksiri reached the pinnacle of the world squash rankings in August, achieving a historic rank of 120—the highest ever for a Sri Lankan player. Despite a temporary setback that dropped him to 140th, his recent triumph in the Senior National Squash Championship has propelled him to 137th in the world.

Acknowledging the importance of international exposure, Laksiri aspires to win the Indian PSA Tournament to boost his world ranking. The absence of a coach and the desire to compete with top-level players have fueled his dream of training abroad, particularly in the UK or a European country, where squash is highly competitive and technologically advanced.

The financial challenges associated with participating in European tournaments have led Laksiri to consider a move abroad, where he believes he can practice and upgrade his world rankings more efficiently. Grateful for the sponsorship from his employer, Brandix, Laksiri has participated in several challenger tournaments and aims to compete in higher-tier events to achieve a higher world ranking.

Expressing gratitude to his support system, including his parents, brother, school (DS Senanayake College Old Boys Union), racquet sponsors, and Sri Lanka Squash officials, Laksiri emphasizes the crucial role they have played in his success.

Looking ahead, Laksiri, alongside Nevindu Lakman, is preparing up for the Indian PSA Tournament in Mumbai from December 19. Seeded as number two in the tournament, Laksiri has set his sights on claiming the title. Despite narrowly missing his goal of being among the top 100 squash players in the world in 2023, he remains undeterred, targeting the top 80 in the coming year.

His strategic plan includes competing in higher-tier tournaments, such as 30K challengers and beyond, where the world’s top 50 players participate, offering the opportunity to double his points and climb the world rankings. Ravindu Laksiri’s story is not just one of local triumph but a global narrative of ambition, skill, and the pursuit of squash excellence.

Ravindu Laksiri
Ravindu Laksiri receives his consecutive 11th Senior National Squash title from the chief guest, former Sri Lanka Squash President Rear Admiral Palitha Weerasinghe (Retd). Sri Lanka Squash President Dhammika Wijesundara is also seen in the picture.
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