Chalitha Pushpika elevates Sri Lanka’s golfing prestige

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Colombo, Dec 26, Fri – Sri Lankan golfer Chalitha Pushpika, a 28-year-old talent, has etched his name in the annals of the country’s golfing history with standout performances in two recent tournaments held in Malaysia. Concluding in December, these competitions saw Pushpika secure an impressive 11th position in both events, marking a significant achievement for Sri Lankan golf on the global stage.

A proud alumnus of President’s College Kotte and a former player for the Royal Colombo Golf Club, a hub for golf enthusiasts in Sri Lanka, Pushpika showcased his prowess and talent on the international golfing platform.

In the highly competitive Malaysian Amateur Open, featuring 72 players from across the globe, Pushpika claimed the 11th spot, surpassing top-class golfers and making his mark on the leaderboard. Additionally, he replicated this success in the Saujana Amateur Open, a more challenging event with 110 participants from countries like the United Kingdom, Portugal, Korea, Thailand, and others. Pushpika’s 11th position showcased his resilience and skill against an international field.

Pushpika attributes his success to the Royal Colombo Golf Club, where he honed his skills and developed into a skilled player. With the support of officials from Sri Lanka Golf, both past and present, he successfully transitioned into a professional golfer.

Recognizing his talent, the Sri Lanka Navy recruited Pushpika in February 2020, focusing on harnessing his golfing prowess. Since joining the Navy, Pushpika has proudly represented Sri Lanka on the international golfing circuit.

The Vice Captain of the Royal Colombo Golf Club, Amrith de Soysa, played a pivotal role in Pushpika’s recent tour success by sponsoring him as the sole sponsor for the Malaysian tournaments. Soysa’s support contributed significantly to Pushpika’s remarkable performance, enhancing Sri Lanka’s reputation in the global golfing arena.

Chalitha Pushpika’s achievements serve as an inspiration to aspiring golfers in Sri Lanka, demonstrating that dedication, skill, and support can propel individuals to shine on the international stage.

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