Sri Lanka’s Gymnastics Junior Nationals return after 5 years

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After a pause of five years, the Sri Lanka Gymnastic Association is set to revive the excitement with the Junior National Gymnastic Championship scheduled for December 17 and 18. The competition will take place at two venues, Torrington Indoor Stadium and the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium.

The National Junior Gymnastic Championship has been absent since 2018 due to power issues among the previous gymnastic association officials. Now, with renewed energy and enthusiasm, the Sri Lanka Gymnastic Association is eager to bring back the event.

Under the guidance of Sri Lanka Gymnastic Association President law maker Premanath C Dolawatta and Secretary Udara Liyanwala, along with the dedicated Executive Committee members, the association is set to organize a full schedule of competitions as part of its tournament calendar. The visionary leadership aims to ensure the successful execution of all events, showcasing the commitment of the Association to the sport of gymnastics.

Approximately 750 young gymnasts are expected to participate, with the association aiming to select a Junior National pool comprising 10 girls and 10 boys. This pool will be groomed for the Asian Junior Gymnastic Championship scheduled to take place in Uzbekistan in May 2024.

The tournament will feature Junior level age categories, with divisions for girls Under-13 and Under-15, and boys Under-15 and Under-16. The gymnasts will represent 20 affiliated gymnastic associations, including the Schools Gymnastic Association.

“This is a crucial meet for our budding gymnasts. With no competitions held in the last five years, this tournament provides a platform for them to showcase their talent,” emphasized Udara Liyanwala, Secretary of the Sri Lanka Gymnastic Association.

Highlighting the significance of the event, Liyanwala stated, “This is the meet where we can identify Sri Lanka’s junior athletes. As the Sports Ministry has requested a 10-year future plan, we aim to form a junior pool from this tournament. This pool will be vital for the future of gymnastics in Sri Lanka.”

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