Thushari’s MVP win echoes in Sri Lanka’s Volleyball Hall of Fame

Thushari 3

Colombo, Dec 26, Tue – In a historic moment for Sri Lanka’s women’s volleyball, JWP Thushari, a setter for the Sri Lanka Air Force team, achieved a record-breaking feat by clinching the coveted Most Valuable Player (MVP) title at the 18th Munchee National Super League Volleyball Championship. The championship, which concluded last Sunday at the Maharamga Youth Centre, witnessed Thushari’s exceptional performance that left an indelible mark on the volleyball community.

Thushari’s recognition as the MVP is unprecedented for a setter in Sri Lanka’s women’s volleyball history, elevating her accomplishment to a significant milestone. The setter role is pivotal in volleyball, requiring strategic acumen in understanding opponents’ weaknesses. Thushari, known for her setting, serving, receiving, blocking, and defending skills, displayed exceptional versatility by excelling in spiking as well.

“Throughout the series, I played exceptionally well, earning praise from everyone for my leadership in handling the team during the finals,” shared Thushari, reflecting on her outstanding contribution.

Sri Lanka Air Force Coach Samansiri Seneviratne expressed admiration for Thushari, stating, “Thushari is an exceptionally talented player; she was the driving force behind our championship victory this year. Her ability to discern the weaknesses of the opposing side is remarkable.”

Thushari’s journey in volleyball has been marked by dedication and achievement. A former high attacker for Hungama National School, she joined the Sri Lanka Junior Volleyball Team, touring Thailand. At just 17 in 2007, she joined the Sri Lanka Senior National Team and later transitioned to the setter position with the Sri Lanka Railway team in 2007 before joining the Sri Lanka Air Force team in 2010.

Now 34, Thushari has been a stalwart in the Sri Lanka Air Force team for 14 years. Her remarkable career includes representing Sri Lanka in the South Asian Games in India, securing a silver medal in 2016. Notably, she clinched a bronze medal in Beach Volleyball at the World Military Games held at Browns Beach in Negombo earlier this year.

After a pause from 2016 to 2021 due to pregnancy new born-baby, Thushari returned to the national team. Faced with travel challenges to practices in Dadella, Galle, with the national indoor volleyball team, she shifted focus to beach volleyball—a decision that paid off. Thushari, alongside fellow Air Force player Dinesha Prasadini, emerged as the national champions of Sri Lanka in the Beach Volleyball National Tournament in 2023. Thushari’s journey continues to inspire, proving that resilience, skill, and versatility can break barriers and redefine success in the beach volleyball.

JWP Thushari scaled
Celebrating Victory: JWP Thushari, flanked by Sri Lanka Volleyball Federation leaders AS Nalaka, President Kanchana Jayaratne, and Minister of State for Finance Ranjith Siyambalapitiya, after her historic MVP win at the 18th Munchee National Super League Volleyball Championship.
Thushari 1
Setting the Stage: JWP Thushari (10) displays tactical finesse with a precise pass near the net during the thrilling Munchee National Super League final
Thushari 2
Defensive Mastery: Thushari (10) showcases her impeccable defensive skills, securing success for her team on the volleyball court.
Thushari 3 1 1
Versatility in Action: Thushari (10) demonstrates her rock-hard defensive prowess, showcasing her versatility as a standout volleyball player.
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