Bouncer for Sri Lanka Cricket: Under-19 World Cup Dreams in Limbo

ICC Ban Casts Shadow on Youth World Cup

Sri Lanka faces a potential crisis in its cricketing future with the suspension of Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC). Despite preparations to host the Under-19 World Cup in January, the ban puts the team’s participation at risk, threatening not only their chance at the Youth World Cup but also impacting various aspects.

The Under-19 team, in good form after winning the recent Pakistan Youth ODI series and their inaugural overseas tour, now risks missing the Youth World Cup. If they can’t play, there’s no opportunity for them in the Under-19 age category, as they will be overage next year. Even the recent victory against West Indies Under-19 may go in vain.

Sri Lanka Under 19 team 1

The ramifications extend beyond the field. The cancellation of the Under-19 World Cup would disrupt the plans of players, parents, relatives, and fans, leading to the halt of hotel bookings, foreign exchange, and a potential loss of the ICC’s grant. This could result in a significant setback for Sri Lanka, affecting local jobs and economic contributions.

The President of the country is urged to take swift and decisive action at the statesmanship level to resolve the issue. The ICC recognizes only the elected Sri Lanka Cricket Board led by Shammi Silva.


SL U19
Under-19 players returning from Pakistan Youth series

The ban not only puts cricketers’ salaries and coaching staff at risk but also hinders foreign tours, leading to a cascade of issues. The suspension affects all those who directly benefit from cricket, including those in the hotel industry. While domestic cricket continues, there is a looming concern about delayed payments once the season concludes, posing further risks to players and related officials. The cricketing community looks to the authorities for urgent intervention to secure the future of the sport in Sri Lanka.

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